Monday, August 22, 2011


ROAM Velomobiles
A friend of mine sent me this email.
"The June Adventure Cycling magazine had an article about ROAM- or ROll Across America. A group of Europeans riding across the USA on "bikes." But these were not bikes, but Velomobiles. These are 3 wheeled trikes- not completely unusual, but these are completely enclosed with a wrap around fairing. The wind advantage is so great, and allows them to go so fast, these guys are doing over 100 miles a day to go across the country in 30 days.
I didn't think too much of the article until yesterday, on our club ride they passed right in front of us going east as we were headed north! And they were zooming faster than I thought possible on a trike! (sorry Marty!)
The video is from a club member, JJ Johnson. He is stricken with a form of arthritis, debilitating his hands, but rides a different type of trike with the help of special shifters.
Enough story- the video of these guys is fun. (for me anyway...)
Here is another link to the website of the group for the more adventurous of you...."

The truth of the matter is I have been following these guys since the start.  Many Americans have dropped out, probably due to the excessive daily mileage.  I have met one participant Merrill Gay on 2 occasions with his home built square tubed bolted together aluminum trike.  He added a Alleweder velo kit and is still on the ride, now somewhere in PA

Outstanding adventure.
Good luck to all.

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