Thursday, August 11, 2011

Racking Up The Miles

Sandy Hook Bay

Belmar Beach
 It was one of those rare and great August days that you just have to pack on the miles.  Temps low 80's, low humidity and light winds.  I needed something different and long to enjoy this day.  I decided back to the shore for a 71 miler.  This time I checked wind direction and found light winds from the NNW.  It was decided, out to Matawan, then Aberdeen, down the Henry Hudson Trail across the Atlantic Highlands Bridge and south from Sea Bright on down to Manasquan and eventually home.
There is no rushing this long ride.  I chatted with a guy Dan on the trail.  I stopped at the Windmill in Long Branch for a super large tasty hot dog with all the fixings and a large root beer.  Very tasty and hit the spot.  The nice thing about the shore it is very bike friendly with dedicated bike lanes.  There are a great many interesting sites to see.  The bad thing is there is no shade unless you want to stop under a pavilion.  Although a beautiful day, I hit the shore at the height of the heat and it was no cooler.  Once you leave the protection of the shore it is back to cycling on major roads not so bike friendly.
It is a great ride, but something best done in the spring or fall.

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