Friday, June 20, 2014


I've had my Streamer fairing almost 6 years and have kept it on all year long for the past 3. I found the benefits of wind and rain protection most beneficial and worth the weight penalty. The past week has been extremely hot and humid and I'm loving every minute of it especially after our long hard Winter. I thought it might be fun to open the cockpit by removing the fairing. Kind of like opening the windows on a Spring day. My last few rides have been without the fairing and I must say I am enjoying the ride. My last ride was windy and being as slow as I am made no difference. I have no immediate tours planned so if I get caught in the rain I won't be far from home. I must say I do enjoy the easy on/off as opposed to slide in/out. It also handles better and is more compact. It does lose a bit of the cool factor. I'm sure I'll be faired come Winter but for now, I'm loven' the ride.

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