Thursday, June 12, 2014

Small World

Approaching me on today's ride was another recumbent. Not just any recumbent but a recumbent trike. A rare sighting in my neck of the woods. I quickly intercepted the rider and motioned to stop in a near by driveway. To my surprise it was a familiar face. It was Jay or as he's known in the recumbent world, BentJay. He was completing a Trans Am ride and was finishing up in Asbury, NJ.  Jay and I met 8-10 years ago at a Bentrider Rally in Upstate NY. Jay lives in Ohio and I in NJ. As it turned out we both went to the same High school in Flushing NY and graduated in the same class. We never new each other at the time. Jay is an avid recumbent enthusiast and has completed many self supported tours including rides around all the Great Lakes. It was exciting seeing him especially nearing his completion of this epic ride.
Well done Jay!!!


Jay said...

Thanks, Marty for the kind words. Did you buy your folder yet? Jay, Class of 1969 John Bowne HS

Martin Garnick said...

Not yet Jay, I want to check out the new Catrikes before biting the bullet on another ICE.