Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Great Adventure

Yesterday, my wife and I headed to northern Jersey to raft down the Delaware River. I parked our bikes at Worthington State Park. I then drove 5 miles up river to launch  the raft. It was insanely hot and the river was quite slow. To make matters worse, the flies were ravenous. We managed to paddle and fight off the flies for about a mile when we finally put on shore. It was not fun. We walked the mile back to the car now fighting off gnats and mosquitoes.  What was supposed to be a fun adventure was turning out disastrous. We made it back to the car, picked up the raft and returned to Worthington. Not wanting to write the day off as a total loss we hopped on our bikes to a secluded campsite. We had picnic lunch (still fighting the flies) and then opted for a river swim.. It was amazingly clear and refreshing. After cooling off, we pedaled around the park. Things quickly heated up so another swim was in order. It was now late in the day when we headed to our daughter's for dinner and playtime with the grand-kids.  We arrived home past 10 pm having had a most wonderful day.

ready to go

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