Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The weather pattern for the last week has been hot, muggy, funk. Lateday, Earlyday, Everyday Showers. My plan for today was a long relaxing ride. Tomorrow I am working so the best I can hope for is a 20 mile commute. The skies were ominous as usual but being so hot a shower didn't seem so bad. 12 miles into my ride I met up with my cycling buddy Bob. It's been quite some time since we spoke and we had some catching up to do. The clouds were thickening and after an hour of BSing we moved on in opposite directions. Another 5 miles and the skies opened up. First a light rain and then a down pour. I slowed my pace, pedaled carefully, and kept a watch for an emergency safe house. I was OK as long as there was no thunder or lightening. Fortunately there wasn't. The rain felt good against the oppressive heat so I opted not to take any short cuts back. The rain continued but turned to light showers and was quite comfortable. The last 10 miles the sun came out and it was hot again. When I got home the streets were dry and there was no evidence of rain. Some might think I'm crazy for cycling in the rain but I must say it was a very enjoyable ride.

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Amy Chiappa said...

that's exactly what happened to Justin & me the other day... and I completely agree with you... it was very enjoyable riding in the rain :-)