Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cape May Again

We just came back from another long weekend in Cape May. We have grown quite fond of this charming town with it's pastel colored Victorian homes, beautiful beaches and bike friendly nature. We were fortunate to get one of the last campsites available on such short notice. We were again just 4 friendly bike miles from Historic Downtown and the beaches. This time I brought my trailer to carry our beach chairs. There is 1 bridge to climb to get into town. Kudos to my wife, Janie, for making it over.  In 2 days we toured 40 miles exploring Cape Mays hidden treasures. We found another campground just 1 mile from downtown and already booked another long weekend in October.

Milo our dog

Brought the trailer

Caught a small sand shark

Chillin at the beach sporting my new Walz cap

 Cape May specialty oil and viniger

Outdoor lunch cafe

Milo at the beach

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Kimberly said...

Wish I was there.